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Transforming healthcare is our mission

walkerproject is one of Europe’s leading consulting companies for innovation in healthcare. We work closely with healthcare professionals to improve patient experience, quality of care and team collaboration.

We are enthusiastic about helping healthcare organizations through cutting-edge methods and collaborative learning. Our company culture is characterized by trust, autonomy and continuous learning with a lot of responsibility.

Our specialty is to translate strategies, evidence and best practices into daily operation and new buildings. We have in-depth knowledge of hospital organizations such as university hospitals, regional hospitals, rehabilitation and psychiatric clinics.

Delighted clients are the basis of our success, combining inspiration and impact.

The People behind walkerproject

Our most important topics


Patient-centric infrastructure design

Hospital construction is a life-changing event: improvement opportunities for patient experience, staff satisfaction and effectiveness are immense. Without cultural change these benefits are put at risk – resulting in dissatisfaction, inefficiencies and high operating cost.

We have developed a concept to align architecture, organizational development and technology: we call it Integrated Facility Design


Patient first

In healthcare the patient always comes first.

Leading hospitals always put the patient’s well-being as their top priority goal. Quality medical services and patient safety, as well as the overall patient experience, are paramount.


Book: The Better Hospital 

With “The Better Hospital – Excellence Through Leadership and Innovation” by Daniel Walker, for the first time the meaning of lean healthcare has been summarized between two book covers.

This book leads its readers into the “Lean Hospital” world step by step and at the same time comprehensibly and accurately shows how the lean hospital is successfully implemented, to ease the introduction to this world.

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