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Consulting with Passion

walkerproject contributes to the transformation of healthcare.

Consulting consists of listening, inquiring, understanding, motivating, empowering and following, which creates satisfaction in the collaboration with walkerproject and promotes a readiness for change.

Success emerges from the combination of inspiration and impact.

Inspiration. walkerproject consultants support individuals in expert organizations in the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

Impact. walkerproject teams orchestrate changes with great care and tact.

The People behind walkerproject


What we are all about

The Better Hospital - Lean Hospital

Book: The Better Hospital

The Better Hospital – Excellence Through Leadership and Innovation

A step by step introduction into the world of “Lean Hospital” and its successful implementation. Precise and accurate as well as easy to understand – an essential reading.


Patient first

In healthcare the patient always comes first.

Leading hospitals always put the patient’s well-being as their top priority goal. Quality medical services and patient safety, as well as the overall patient experience, are paramount.


Book: The Emergency Flow Concept

The Emergency Flow Concept demonstrates how the emergency room can be developed into a performance center, which meets today’s requirements substantially better than previous models. In doing so, the focus shifts from processes to patient flows.

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