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The Minds Behind walkerproject

walkerproject advises companies that want to change and improve. The goal is to motivate clients and to generate impact. That’s why we need a top team. We have high expectations of our employees, so we only hire intelligent and socially competent staff.

Our company culture is defined by autonomy, expertise and purpose.

Autonomy. Self-determination and a target-oriented approach are company values that are lived every day. They influence client relationships, collaborations and internal organization.

Mastery. walkerproject learns from the best worldwide. With training sessions, further education, educational trips and a pool of experts, we make sure we have the knowledge to further our clients.

Purpose. When our clients succeed, walkerproject rejoices at their success. But, until that happens, the patience, humour, endurance, and perseverance of walkerproject pave the way to that success.

Carla Walker

Structured, determined and empathetic

Dr. med. Sven Schüpbach

Between Management and being managed – Unites the needs

Daniel Walker

Why Have Good When You Can Have Better?

Meriel Meiling

Understanding needs

Fabian Bischof

Bringing Ideas to Life

Nina Walker

With passion for the good

Ruth Spalinger

Achieving the goal together

Caroline Steiner

Building bridges – with empathy and logic

Karin Ritschard Ugi

Success with interdisciplinarity and expertise
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