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After the lockdown comes the countdown

Covid-19 vaccination in Zurich – an experience report

The medical certificate, on which the “chronic disease with the highest risk” was marked, also notes the website for registration: Registration by telephone is also possible. Open-minded about vaccination, my concern in the doctor’s consultation was sole with the manufacturer. I was to receive the product from Pfizer in Zurich. The registration was quickly filled out online and sent off, and I could immediately print out the confirmation of registration under “vaccination group B” as a PDF on 30.3.2021.

Rather by chance did I find out that “vaccination group B” had opened for registration and that I could register for the two vaccination dates. The information was not announced to me via any notification. It came as a surprise to me, as I had prepared myself for a longer waiting period. On 1.4.2021, I was able to choose the place and time via a drop-down window in the registration login: vaccination center in Zurich, 14.4. (1st vaccination appointment) and 12.5.2021 (one month later, 2nd vaccination appointment).

With the confirmation of the appointment, medical certificate, identity card, and health insurance card, I passed the control at the vaccination center in Zurich. The queue was short. I received a ticket with a number. At the registration desk, my personal details were checked and the certificate scanned, after which I went to the waiting area. My ticket number appeared on a screen. At the next desk, I was asked questions about my state of health: “How do you feel?”, “Are you allergic to anything?” etc. I was given the opportunity to ask questions. 2,000 people can be vaccinated per day at this vaccination center. The name of the vaccine is “Comirnaty” from Pfizer-BionTec. I received the vaccination in the upper arm. Finally, I had to go to the check-out waiting area for 15 minutes. After my number appeared on the big screen, I could check out. I received an information sheet from the operator’s Healthline. The whole procedure from the entrance to the check-out took about 30 minutes.

Sketch to the vaccination process


After a lot of ink had been spilled in the media about Covid-19 and a lot of tasering had taken place in the Task Force, I already thought I would have to apply to the Israeli embassy for a vaccination. But now I am pleased to see that Switzerland has done it after all. For the second vaccination, I have to bring my vaccination booklet. An internationally valid Covid-19 vaccination certificate is not yet available.


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