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Nina Walker always engages herself passionately for the good. She is fascinated of the impact social media has on people’s opinion and their daily life. New medias have a high potential for improvement in the health care sector.

At walkerproject Nina is responsible for the marketing. In projects she ensures the communication with customers. While working at an international education provider she learned to use and combine communication tools accurately in order to address individual needs correctly.

Nina Walker concluded her bachelor’s degree in international management at the Zurich University of Applied Science. During her exchange year in Sydney and an internship in Canada, she got the chance me meet new people and experience different cultures. After collecting some practice at an internship in marketing and sales Nina joined the walkerproject team.

In her free time Nina likes to do different kind of sports. She goes horseback riding, running and in winter she likes to go snowboarding. She loves to be outside in nature and has always her camera with her to capture the moments.

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