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‘Bringing energy into the system’ is one of the principles of Daniel Walker’s work. When he’s on board, nothing can stop the development and implementation of new ideas. There is a long list of projects that have set new standards. Daniel Walker is passionate about innovation in the healthcare sector that will benefit patients. He is motivated by patients benefiting from safer medicine and improved service.

After completing his psychology degree, Daniel Walker was a Project Manager at St Gallen University before founding walkerproject in 1992. In 1999, he completed the Executive MBA program ‘Business Engineering’ at St.Gallen University, which is comparable to industrial engineering in the US.

Daniel Walker published “Lean Hospital – The Hospital of the Future” in 2015. He is the lead author of “The Emergency Flow Concept: Patient First”, which set new standards in Swiss emergency departments. He also lectures at various universities and healthcare education facilities.

Daniel Walker is married and has two daughters. He likes activities that the whole family can enjoy: skiing, snowboarding, diving, playing tennis, hiking and traveling. Motorbikes are his personal passion, and this one is easy to make a part of daily life. His favorite place is Bettmeralp (the better alp).

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