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Sven Schüpbach is passionate about the opportunities that Lean offers to address significant shortcomings in the healthcare sector and to bring about lasting positive changes for patients, employees and companies. He is also fascinated by the great potential of digital solutions in the healthcare sector.

During his training and clinical work as a doctor, Sven Schüpbach got to know various clinics with their individual workflows. From this experience, he can therefore easily identify processes in need of optimization in everyday hospital life and brings with him a profound understanding of the Swiss healthcare system. His engagement as resident physician representative of a psychiatric hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic strengthened his ability to work under pressure with various professional groups, to disentangle complex situations and to clearly communicate potential solutions. He was able to consolidate his empathic attitude during his psychotherapeutic work. He also learned to identify more profound problems quickly and to contribute to finding solutions together.

He enjoys spending his free time with friends, family and doing sports. He gets new energy while traveling, especially at the sea while exploring the underwater world while diving.

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