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From an outsider to a market leader in 10 years

10 years ago, the team of walkerproject decided to focus entirely on hospital consulting.  At the beginning of March, the magazine “Finanz und Wirtschaft” published the first ranking of the best consultants in Switzerland. Together with Bilan and the data expert Statista, they spared no effort and conducted client surveys as well as expert interviews. walkerproject ag occupies one of the top places in the Health Care & Life Sciences sector.

Ten years ago, walkerproject ag made the strategic decision to focus entirely on healthcare consulting for hospitals and outpatient service providers. With Lean Hospital, the initially small consulting company achieved a breakthrough in 2015. The increasing number of projects and the growing knowledge have led to the fact that walkerproject can no longer be overlooked. The strategic decision of 2011 has proven to be the right one. Today, walkerproject is one of the leading consulting companies for the healthcare sector and number one in hospital consulting in Switzerland. This is proven by the evaluation of FuW, Bilan and Statista.

Who made it to the top ranks?

There is no shortage of specialists in Switzerland. Approximately 630 management consultancies nationwide compete for contracts in the various sectors. The large consultancies such as Roland Berger, McKinsey & Company or BCG, which are globally networked, can position themselves well due to their high profile. They benefit from their brand value. However, specialised management consultancies like walkerproject should not be underestimated. A few of them have made it to the list of the best. This is proof of satisfied clients and solid partnerships. walkerproject’s position is remarkable because the consultancy occupies a niche within the Health Care & Life Sciences category (consulting for service providers).

How did this ranking develop?

The ranking with the best consultancies in Switzerland is based on a quantitative assessment. For the expert survey, more than 4000 partners and principals of consulting firms were interviewed. The participants had the opportunity to make recommendations for consultancies from various sectors. They were only not allowed to name their own company. In addition, clients of consultancies were also surveyed. More than 200 people in leading positions gave recommendations from their point of view. The answers from the expert and client interviews were compiled and evaluated. Companies with a “••••” ranking were frequently mentioned by the persons interviewed. Companies with a “•••••” ranking were mentioned very frequently.

Source: Statista Tabelle: FuW. mta

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