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Strategy development

Successful organizations set the right focus

Strategy development

Overview of topics

The right focus is crucial

Successful organisations concentrate on excelling at just a few things. Focus is the key word. But focus alone is not enough. The goals set must be stringently translated for the various organisational units and cascaded into effective day-to-day management. This is not just a top-down exercise. The goals are agreed upon in an iterative process with the employees involved involved.

The healthcare sector will be confronted with major changes in the coming years that will have consequences for healthcare institutions’ deletion strategies. Our consultancy is convincing not only because of the tools but also because we enable the people involved to align the institution strategically and keep it on track.

Ensure sustainable and successful development

Strategic renewal and sustainable, successful development are part of the responsibilities of every medical institution’s board of directors and executive committee. Boards and hospital managers depend on their strategic assumptions being regularly scrutinised. After all, long-term developments can often have a creeping effect, or wild cards can bring surprises. It is also possible that boards have different views and assessments of market developments. An outside perspective is helpful here.

Other strategic topics are cooperation and even mergers. These can be highly risky, but at the same time they are becoming more and more unavoidable in the healthcare sector. The integrated care of the future is care provided by optimally coordinated network partners.

Common strategic direction

We are good at helping decision-makers/managers with their strategy:

  • To orient them;
  • To give them stimulation/inspiration for their view of the future;
  • To show them with strategic intuition (and data & facts) gaps and new markets;
  • To “sniff out” new niches;
  • To generate options together;
  • To support them in setting priorities;
  • To concretise concepts;
  • To develop a systematic approach to strategic decisions;
  • To lay out a roadmap together;
  • To help them come up with a plan so that they know what is right and can make decisions on it at any time;
  • To get them on the road together as a team;
  • To initiate the change process (culture, change management, etc.);
  • To help them stay on the strategic track in the operational implementation;
  • In program management, to pull the strings for them; and
  • To be their sparring partner

Our offerings

Develop a strategic vision

We challenge you to develop with us a mission statement and ambitions that can have a tangible effect. The joint development process with the employees is perhaps even more important than the final product itself. You will gain a broadly anchored mission statement that can become a reality with ambitious goals. We moderate the workshops, formulate ambitious goals with your employees, and prototype concrete steps for implementation.

Develop the organization

We dare to reorganise the core business. We build up the new and follow the unusual path. Based on previous analysis results, we work with you to develop principles for a new organisational and operational structure. Moderated by us, you develop your new management model and produce the corresponding organisational model

Cooperation and alliance strategies

We offer a helping hand to strengthen your strategic cooperation and alliance capabilities and take advantage of positioning opportunities in integrated care. Together with you, we prepare the basis for decisions on possible forms of cooperation, including mergers, and accompany you on the path to a solution. We moderate the political process on your side.

Program management

We free up resources for your core business and take over the creative planning and overall management of a complex strategic project. You can rely on top professional program management for the implementation of your strategic initiatives or options.

Do you want to learn more?


Would you like to learn more about strategy development? We would be delighted to tell you more about our project work in an obligation-free conversation or answer any questions you may have. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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