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Integrated care and total health

holistic health care

Integrated care and total health

Overview of topics

A paradigm shift toward total health

Only 10% of preventable deaths could be avoided by improving the availability or quality of medical care. Health-conscious behaviour and regular early detection and prevention measures have a greater impact. A paradigm shift is needed. Excellent reactive repair medicine will be preceded by equally outstanding preventive healthcare. Together, these make up the “total” in what is understood as “total health,” namely the orientation of healthcare toward those factors that shape health-related well-being. Primary care providers have a central role to play in the low-threshold holistic coordination of preventive and primary medical care. For their part, specialists are particularly in demand when it comes to satisfactory healthcare.

A less radical approach, but nevertheless very challenging, is increased networking of the various actors in healthcare. The approach of (more) integrated care has great potential to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of care.

Together, we will develop a customised care model

We accompany you in the development and implementation of this paradigm and system changes. We show you the potential. We identify the risks and challenges. Together with you, we develop your regional, community-based, and integrated care model, which is financed by flat-rate health budgets (capitation model).

We support you in:

  • Building on worldwide best practice approaches, rather than reinventing them;
  • Finding the right partners;
  • Conducting targeted dialogue with the various stakeholders;
  • Uncovering the common denominator in contradictory positions;
  • Developing a model that is valuable for all participants;
  • Finding the right positioning for your organisation in networking;
  • Making factual and data-based decisions; and
  • Translating the abstract concept into a concrete plan of action.

Our offerings

Learn from the best

Immerse yourself with us in the world of integrated care and develop your ambitions toward total health. Learn from successful and failed initiatives how successful networking can work in your organization.

Develop a care model

In an iterative process, we develop an increasingly concrete idea of what integrated care means for you. We take into account regional particularities as well as typical conditions. Early involvement of various stakeholders and experts helps to create a future-oriented care model.

Bring the model to life

The paradigm shift is challenging. We support you in initiating this ambitious project. A staggered implementation helps to reduce complexity, keep risks under control, and make the change successful. Our experience helps us to anticipate difficulties and develop creative solutions without losing sight of the overall goal.

Do you want to learn more?

Would you like to learn more about integrated care and total health? We would be delighted to tell you more about our project work in an obligation-free conversation or answer any questions you may have. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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