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walkerproject signs frame agreement with Region Stockholm

walkerproject starts advisory services within strategy and management as well as economical and financial services.

walkerproject won a frame agreement with Region Stockholm within process development and improvement and has now signed the contract. The contract lasts for a total of four years, divided in two 2-year periods.

“We are proud to be given the opportunity to work with Region Stockholm, who is one of the leading public actors when it comes to the development of healthcare in Sweden and wider Scandinavia. We look forward to supporting them with our extensive knowledge within implementation and change management in healthcare”, says Micha Kämpfer, CEO of walkerproject Scandinavia.

The subarea ”process development and improvement” involves:

  • Mapping and analyzing processes
  • Process design
  • Development and establishment of new processes
  • Support in implementation of new processes
  • Process governance and monitoring of results
  • Implementation support when creating a more efficient organization

walkerproject wants to contribute to a higher effectiveness and less lack of resources In healthcare through a more effective way of working. At walkerproject we consider process improvement to be about more than just deploying new ways of working. Sustainable problem solving is about involving employees and patients within a well-structured approach and a clear vision of the end-results.

Read the original Press Announcement in Swedish

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