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The Transformation of Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations are now confronted with the need for adaptation and change, and walkerproject partners with client companies during their transformation. In healthcare, the patient always comes first. And, to serve the patient best, three factors are essential: focus, run and advance.

Focus – Do the Right Thing.

Focus creates clarity. It creates a strategy geared toward meeting patient needs. There are certain basic, comprehensible success factors that determine a focused direction across all levels of a hospital hierarchy.

Focus Run Advance - Transformation im Gesundheitswesen

Run – Do It Right.

A hospital is a complex organization that is difficult to manage. Therefore, leaders must empower all staff to become leaders through solid and strong self-organization. Subsidiarity is key: problems are to be resolved where they are created––as close to the patient as possible. The prerequisite for this is a consistent transparency that makes it possible to confront any deviance from established standards.

Advance – Do It Continously.

A hospital is an ever evolving organization that must continue to advance. The process of continuous improvement must be promoted for innovations to emerge. Yet, advancement is not only about creating innovations, but also about setting the right priorities.

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Strategies provide the directions of impact for innovations as well as project business. They set the pace for tackling challenges. In situations of great change, they show which direction to go in.
Integrated Facility Design

Building New Hospitals – Integrated Facility Design

Modern infrastructure focuses on patient flow within the hospital and how the services reach the patient. The starting point of all infrastructure deliberations are the so-called value streams. In a hospital, there are eight different streams that have to be coordinated.
Hospital of the Future - Lean Journey

The Hospital of the Future – Lean Transformation

Medicine is a team effort. The fundation of it is mutual respect. Experts work side by side to coordinate their services for the benefit of the patients and to continuously improve those services.
Daily Management System

Daily Management System

Daily management must be on-site and direct. It is based upon current performance indicators. Daily management happens simultaneously across all levels of the organization.
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