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Margot Tanner

What lets a team act agilely and safely even in critical situations? – There are certain behaviors that can be trained and changed. The result is tremendous value-added for the company, financially as well as relationally. Margot Tanner enthusiastically guides partners and customers through the analysis, design and practice-related implementation of their projects.

Margot Tanner’s skills range from strategic-operational business management and development to process design in the operating theater to managing new building projects. Margot Tanner guides healthcare institutions with a flair for long-term solutions.

Her new role will benefit from her many years of experience as a Human Factors Expert at SWISS. As a trained biological-mathematical psychologist and neuro-scientist, she places her observations in a scientific context and knows how to apply her knowledge.

Outside of work, she is inspired, invigorated and balanced by Chinese philosophy, art using various materials, her global group of friends, mountain biking and nature.


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