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For Livia Krezdorn, involving all stakeholders in change processes is the basis for demand-driven innovation and sustainable influence. Her passion is to understand needs, to empower existing and new competencies and to implement identified goals collaboratively. It is important to her that employees in the healthcare sector can pursue their vocation in order to guarantee safe and fulfilling healthcare for both patients and collaborators.

Design thinking methods have inspired Livia Krezdorn since her bachelor’s degree. From research to product development, she has been engaged with user needs and brings a deep understanding and empathy for diverse stakeholders. Her training as a paramedic assistant gave her direct insights on processes within and outside the hospital. In her Master’s degree in “Health Care and Public Management”, she gained crucial knowledge of the distinctive characteristics of the health care market with all its different players.

She enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Otherwise, Livia Krezdorn can be found on discovery tours with her camper van or backpack always looking for an adventure – be it in her new home of Zurich, on the water or in the mountains. The rest of the time she is involved in foodsharing and fights against food waste.

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