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Gian Melcher

Gian Melcher is convinced: engaging leadership in doctors is more necessary today than ever. Only through active contribution from doctors can incorrect developments be avoided both in medicine and in hospital management. The times of going it alone are over for doctors as well as hospitals – not just the role of doctors, but also the whole healthcare system has undergone a major change. How can and should doctors apply themselves in a very complex and profit-oriented healthcare system? A significant requirement for this is willingness to shed traditional roles and accept the change as a challenge.

Gian Melcher is a Surgical Specialist specializing in abdominal surgery, general surgery and trauma surgery. He is also an honorary professor at the University of Basel and applies his many years of experience as Head Physician, Corporate Secretary and Acting Hospital Director. In these roles, he has overseen a range of inter-disciplinary and inter-professional processes in his everyday work and implemented new projects. He has also developed strategic experience through political activities as well as active work in supervisory bodies in various healthcare institutions. One thing is certain for him – and for walkerproject: the focus must always be on the patient. That’s why he is still a part-time surgeon alongside his work at walkerproject.

Family, nature, culture and social engagement help Gian Melcher recharge his batteries and restore the balance he needs for his intense and challenging professional life.

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