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The “Lean Hospital” Book: The Better Hospital – Excellence Through Leadership and Innovation

With “The Better Hospital – Excellence Through Leadership and Innovation” by Daniel Walker, for the first time the meaning of lean healthcare has been summarized between two book covers.

This book leads its readers into the “Lean Hospital” world step by step and at the same time comprehensibly and accurately shows how the lean hospital is successfully implemented, to ease the introduction to this world.

The origin of “Lean Hospital”

Lean has been used in the industry for decades. In 2000, several hospitals in the northwest of the USA already started to utilize the Toyota production system in their houses. The silent revolution took its course. Today, new hospitals in the USA are built according to the Lean aspects virtually without exception.

A lot of misunderstandings surround Lean and there is no straightforward path to the goal. There are wrong tracks and detours. The book convincingly explains what Lean is about. Lean Hospital is very comprehensive: it is a philosophy, a new way of thinking and not merely a collection of good ideas. Successful implementations are copied but “Lean” in the hospital works and is successful for those who declare “Lean” as the maxim of their house.

Success through the right focus

Part of Lean Hospital is that the patient always comes first. That means that the patient’s needs have to be taken seriously consistently and that the hospital is made into a better place for patients as well as their families and friends. Thanks to the radical patient orientation and downright obsession regarding patient safety, fewer costs arise in the end because the employees are not constantly occupied with fixing their own mistakes and those of others. In everyday work, the employees are less exposed to stressful situations. Thereby, the employees’ motivation and commitment rise as well as the medical quality and the economic viability. Everyone profits from that and the progress is sustainable.

With the Lean Hospital strategy, the hospitals are more successful, because the patients come first and the patient orientation and patient security are central goals. That way, “Lean” becomes the first choice for all hospitals that have to contend in competition.

Lean Hospital is new, exciting and thrilling. This book is thought-provoking, sets new impulses and triggers developments. It is an exciting introduction to a topic which hospitals will intensively be occupied with in the coming years, because, with Lean Hospital, things become possible that were unimaginable before. “The Better Hospital – Excellence Through Leadership and Innovation” has been available in book shops since June 2015.

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