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This regional hospital will rebuild its inpatient wards as part of its hospital development project launching in 2018. In 2015 they decided to upgrade one ward for privately insured patients. It took this opportunity to create a model for its „patient room of the future”, aiming to increase the satisfaction of patients and staff by answering their needs and improving ergonomics as well as efficiency.

walkerproject facilitated the creation of a patient experience map which identified both high- and lowlights of the patient’s experience during his stay in the patient room. A team consisting of physicians, nurses, administrators, facility managers and cleaning personnel analysed the challenges of the current patient rooms. Patients took part in the workshops, were interviewed in several rounds and have thus shaped the vision for the patient room of the future.

A patient room served as a simulation and testing lab. During several iterations the team improved the design. They tested materials or equipment and assessed its suitability in day-to-day care.

11 rooms were inaugurated in June 2016 and will now be tested until the remaining 180 rooms will be refurbished. They come with superior functionalities and new media terminals which allow patients to use their own devices. The colour scheme and materials was influenced by patients and their relatives.

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