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The customer needed to redesign their emergency department due to raising complexity and volume of patients. The goal was to fasten the door-to-doctor time and reduce the overall lead time. The involved design teams (nurses, physicians, techs) sought their inspiration from best-practices in the US and tested their designs in a simulation zone. They have developed a new solution with the following key changes:

  • The medical team evaluation was introduced from a process as well as an infrastructure perspective
  • An improved skill-grade mix within the newly design processes
  • A work environment created by a simulation-based design cycle with a strong focus on raising quality of care and and patient experience

The changes led to significant improvements:

  • Waiting times were cut drastically, time to doctor decreased from 38 to under 20 minutes.
  • Patient safety was increased due to an interdisciplinary assessment (”team evaluation”) at the start of the process.
  • Patients get their care plan much quicker. This positively impacts the lead times which decreased to around 90 minutes for ambulatory patients.
  • Administrative process became more patient-focused.
  • Adherence to pre-defined patient pathways increased significantly.
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