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Lean in psychiatry

More time for patients

Lean in psychiatry

Overview of topics

High resource requirements and coordination problems

Psychiatry is a complex environment with a high need for information exchange and coordination. Much is demanded—both from the patient and from the staff. Therapy planning and administration of the therapies themselves are complex. The resource requirements are enormous. Often, it is not possible to arrange the stay to the fullest satisfaction of the patients, despite high commitment. The reasons for this are the lack of clarification of expectations with patients, long waiting times for therapy places, uncoordinated work processes of the professionals, and duplication in the flow of information.

More time for the unforeseen

In a psychiatric ward, no day is the same, which is it is important to have fixed, standardised, and coordinated moments of exchange in the team. These make it possible to face unforeseeable events in a structured and calm manner. The time saved is used for patient discussions with the treatment team.

The treatment teams’ emotional burden is high: they need not only time for reflection and exchange but also protected time for concentrated work.

Transformation of a psychiatric ward—built-in sustainability

Together with an interdisciplinary project team, we develop a system of solutions based on Lean tactics.

During so-called prototyping sessions, the teams develop solution elements individually tailored to their needs, such as an ideal patient pathway, interprofessional meetings for care teams and patients, or a standard calendar for the entire clinic.

In an intensive preparation phase, technical and infrastructural adjustments are made, and the teams are trained. Following the train-the-trainer approach, we train the project team as coaches for the transformation. Then go. The entire system is converted in one day. This is followed by an intensive coaching and support phase. By involving the teams in the development and the train-the-trainer training, successful change management is ensured.

Our offerings

Lean pilot project

During 6 –9 months, we develop with an internal team a system of solutions based on Lean tactics—always with the goal of providing the patient with the best possible treatment as an interprofessional team.

Lean rollout

After a successful pilot project, the entire organisation wants to share in the progress. We support the planning and implementation of a rollout of the previously developed solutions and ensure that the change is successful.

Do you want to learn more?

Would you like to learn more about lean in psychiatry? We would be delighted to tell you more about our project work in an obligation-free conversation or answer any questions you may have. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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