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Concept and investment planning

High planning reliability early in the process

Concept and investment planning

Overview of topics

Early decisions have high cost consequences in later phases

The economic sustainability of care and nursing facilities is decided early in the planning phase. Decisions made in the development phase can only be corrected at a later stage at high cost.

We help investors and future operators of care and nursing facilities to make well-founded and solid decisions, so that clarity and a high degree of planning reliability are achieved early in the process.

Our extensive experience of healthcare sector projects leads to higher planning reliability

As a rule, we work in a graduated process. In an initial preliminary study, the rough needs, options, and general conditions are clarified. When all the traffic lights are green, the level of detail is gradually increased.

walkerproject combines experience from numerous strategic and operative projects with expertise in planning processes for large infrastructure projects.


Our offers

Preliminary study

We start our strategic planning with a market and demand analysis. What offers and supply levels exist in the region? What is the demand for these offers? How is this demand expected to develop in the coming years and decades? The preliminary study can be realised within a few weeks and at low cost. It provides a well-founded basis for decisions on further procedures and includes the following:

  • A rough needs assessment
  • Creation of a rough concept
  • An investment cost estimate
  • Study

    For an initial directional decision, the study adds detail to what is available in the preliminary study. In addition, the situation in relation to building law is clarified, and the rough concept is coordinated and detailed with the user groups. The business case is updated in line with the concept, thus increasing the reliability for a well-founded decision. The study includes the following:

  • Clarification of building law basics
  • Determination of needs and potential
  • Development of a concept tailored to the user groups
  • Analytical presentation of the concept in a business case
  • Economic evaluation of the concept
  • Project support

    During the project realisation, it is important to always take into account the perspective of future users and the operator when making numerous construction decisions. We make sure that decisions are made in line with the concept with a view to optimal operation ramp-ups and that no short-term optimisation of the construction project is made at the expense of operation. Project support includes the following:

  • Supporting the planning and realisation phases
  • Ensuring that the project is planned and executed economically in accordance with the concept
  • Consulting with business management and process engineering know-how
  • Presenting project changes in economic terms
  • Performing the interface function between the client, the operator, the planners, and the entrepreneurs
  • Do you want to learn more?

    Would you like to learn more about concept and investment planning? We would be delighted to tell you more about our project work in an obligation-free conversation or answer any questions you may have. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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